Customer Communication Architecture

The discipline of shaping customer/user interactions through words

Ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time?

Of course you did, we all did – it’s only human!

Still, when interacting with your customers and users, whether digitally or humanly, the random slip of tongue will not be taken lightly and can seriously hurt your reputation, your performance, and your business.

Every word counts!

Our strategic framework aims to identify 5 core elements to help determine the right words for shaping positive and successful customer and user interactions:

Once identified, these 5 elements are translated into a communication blueprint which outlines your entire communication strategy across all the touchpoints – from the main messaging down to the microcopy, to ensure you make the most out of every interaction.

The human instinct and the digital experience

Communication is a human instinct, we constantly communicate with our surrounding – be it other humans, pets, plants, tech devices… In fact, we go beyond verbal communication as we show emotions towards tech devices (seriously, this is researched backed), and expect digital interfaces to communicate back to us, in a human manner: to listen and respond, in context and with the relevant words.

Companies who wish to align themselves to this inevitable user/customer expectation should look beyond just designing user-friendly digital interfaces and start writing human-led digital interactions, to settle the communication between the two.

UX writing as a winning strategy

When your comms are precise and nurture a positive customer experience, your business benefits from:

For customers / users

  • Better understanding
  • Smoother navigation
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Stronger emotional connection
Positive experience

For businesses

  • Higher conversions
  • Better retention
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Increased loyalty
Increased revenues

It’s everyone’s business

While the common belief is that comms should be left for the marketing department, the reality is customer communications affects (and should be the top priority of) ANYONE who handles any direct or indirect customer facing touchpoints:


Setting the right messaging, voice, and tone & style, will help create a more consistent experience and a stronger brand


Understanding how words motivate users to take actions can help improve flow, usability, and, in return, engagement rates


Having the right words in place will help designs thrive, stay contextual, and enhance the overall user experience


Having a business communication blueprint will help tell better stories with consistent messaging that trigger the right buttons

Support TEAMS

Using well scripted support communications can help reduce friction and frustration and increase customer satisfaction

Sales teams

Building a sales deck or giving a sales pitch is so much easier when you have the right words in place and the right triggers in mind

In fact, having a communication blueprint at hand can also align internal communications and ensure all teams speak the same language.

Get on point!

From your overall messaging all the way to the microcopy of your contact form – we’re here to review and advise, to guide and instruct, to inspire and educate or to simply do the work for you.

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